Compliances and Certifications

Features Details
Weight 14kg
Structure Material Aluminium
Dimensions 600 mm(h) * 300 mm * x 300mm (d)
Portability Comes equipped with a customized protective bag, for easy transport in both urban and remote regions
Input Power 230-250 V (AC), 5 Amp (50Hz)
Stored Power None
Fuse Box IEC 60601-1 (Double Fuse)
Battery Operation 12 V (Inverted) (Fully Charged CAR battery can last approx. 10 days)
Wi-Fi Requirement Only for data retrieval and syncing offline data
Bluetooth Operation Yes (printing)
Data Security Encrypted offline storage, SSL transmission, Dual Authorization single authentication
Performance Block chain cloud-based architecture – capable of holding and retrieving unlimited data
Health Insulation, Water and Dust Protection RoHS Compliant, medical grade XL foam
Mobile Tablet 10 inches * 8 inches (provided)
Operation Using HealthE App
Report Printing Bluetooth thermal printer (provided)
Testing Protocols; Training and User Manuals Written and online (provided)
Testing Modalities Dry strip-based reagents in a highly cost-effective way Safe and easy to use with capillary blood and urine point-of-care testing modality Does not require use of a syringe or venipuncture for testing

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