The HubX diagnostic analyser supported by EVEDA’s diagnostic software are an innovative approach to deliver efficient, timely and portable health screening.

The HubX is a compact, portable and easily operated point-of-care diagnostic device. With five drops of capillary blood and a urine sample as well as other inputs, HubX can give over 150 diagnostic assessments, accurately analyse and deliver results within 15 minutes onsite. Testing is minimally invasive with no venepuncture required.

HubX uses cloud-based electronic health integration to enable immediate healthcare diagnostics to your smartphone, which can be referred to your doctor at your request.

The testing protocols and analytics are in line with regulatory standards and use high-quality instrumentation classified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.


EVEDA Health Passport

EVEDA’s health passport is an integrated and secure cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. The software allows consumers to have ownership of their health data and allows healthcare providers access to secure digitalised personal health records.

The software provides a trending data dashboard with demographic statistics that is sovereign secured and compliant with local privacy laws.

The software’s predictive alerting technology provides predictions of particular general health risks based on the individual demographic, lifestyle, and diagnostic information.

The health passport’s alerts use deductive logic that provides insight into consumers current health risks and comorbidities based on their demographic and diagnostic information. These alerts assist in monitoring and providing recommendations for the prevention and management of health and stress-related risks through this innovative and complete EHR integrated diagnostic tool.

Practitioners and Specialists

  • Complete health history
  • Patient follow-up reminders
  • Immediate online alerts
  • Instant diagnostic data and alerts
  • Telehealth communication tools and recording
  • ePrescription module exclusive for Doctors
  • Over 200,000 prescription options
  • Online risk analysis and decision support
  • Clinical dashboards

Clinical Staff

  • Rehabilitation tools
  • Care provision tools
  • Healthcare management tools
  • Medical management tools
  • Knowledge management tools
  • Risk management and indictive alert tools


  • Digital electronic health records
  • Online risk assessment and indicative alerts
  • Health awareness resources
  • Self-help management
  • Reminder services
  • Health card and wallet services
  • Tele-health
  • Share health record
  • eOrdering for medications and services