Eveda AUSNZ Objectives

Expand and Add Value to Primary Care

  • Build a complete solution connectivity and create equal access to health care
  • Provide efficiencies and improvements to the current health system and health monitoring
  • Provide onsite diagnostic support to current health care providers to improve medical supply, better care for consumers, and support decision making by Primary care providers;
  • Facilitate care using referral chain and networked Primary Health Care Providers
  • Follow-up support to increase awareness, better lifestyle and improve compliance
  • Improve in-home support for disability and care populations and increase coverage in post-hospitalisation care

Innovating Usage of Technology

  • Develop a truly independent regulatory and fully functional health care system that is complementary with current regulatory standards and allows for electronic health integration
  • Develop and use Cloud based, mobile enabled IT solutions to store secured digitalised data and increase access
  • Utilise IT applications with integrated electronic health records (EHR) and knowledge databases Analyse data for predicting health events and therapeutic outcomes
  • Introduce innovative (IT, portable diagnostic tools) solutions to increase the accuracy of data captured,while increasing reach
  • Refining processes with the use of our cutting-edge technology and instant diagnostics to promote efficiency and reduce health costs

Improving Access and Quality of Care Delivery

  • Enabling individuals to prevent chronic disease in the first place
  • Increase access to care and health assessment, ongoing monitoring and health reconditions in clinics, remote camps/areas or in-home
  • Assist to monitor the health of consumers by increasing awareness for prevention and reducing burden of illness for individuals and carers
  • Offer cost effective solutions for on-time diagnostic’s and early interventions on-time diagnostics, disease prevention psychoeducation and early interventions
  • Planning and coordinating care for indigenous disability and aged care populations to better meet long-term health needs
  • Improve consumers quality of life by better meeting individual health needs to reduce burden, and providing support to maintain independance
  • Provide insight into individual’s experiences as patients and consumers of health services

Improving Data Linkage

  • Create access to far richer health data during the delivery of a higher standard of clinical care and coordination to the Australian health system
  • Facilitate tracking individual pathways through the health system to facilitate supported health monitoring and intervention for individuals
  • Improve insight into such pathways to continue to improve service initiatives and further quality of care

How is Eveda Meeting Our Objectives: Service Model

Complete Service Delivery

Portable & Reliable

EHR Integration

Easy Operation

Non Invasive


Quality Control

Compliance & Adherence Monitoring

Instant Diagnostics Data

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